Tastefully Yours

We get a ton of questions about caterers, “Who is the best fit to me” kind of questions. It is such a hard question to answer; so many factors go into picking the right caterer for you.  What kind of food do you want to serve, what is your budget, what style of dinner do you want - buffets, stations, plated, or family style? We have the best of the best in town on our list and they are all wonderful, we are getting this kicked off with Lisa Huzar of Tastefully Yours Catering.

Let’s start with our most asked questions…

What is the price per head going to be?

The per person price really depends on a few factors.
The most influential factors are the type of food service, Buffet, Plated and or Stations.
Next is the food selection.  Beef is higher priced than chicken and chicken is about he same as pork.

I want something “different” what do you see as the latest trend?

The latest trend in terms of food is flavors from traditional Spain infused with Asian influence.
The latest trend in terms of service style is more of an appetizer style buffet; but with a bit larger portions size.

How many bartenders will I need?

I usually use a ratio of 1 bartender per 90 to 100 guests.

How much alcohol should I buy?
You need to decide Beer, Wine and/or cocktails.
Once you have decided the types of alcohol you will be serving you need to figure the percentages of your guest count who will be partaking of each kind.
Next figure about 3 drinks per person.
You can go on Google and look up drink calculators and they will have you plug in your quest count along with the answers to the previous asked questions.
They usually say about 2 drinks per person per event hour.
I  think it is a bit high.
At the end of the day you have to marry that information with what you know about your guests and go with your gut.

What makes you unique?
I would have to say that would be Andrew's passion for food and his creativity to to keep the menus as fresh as the produce available in the markets today.

We want each event to be different from the last event,
We never loose site of the fact that it is your wedding not ours.

For more information on Lisa and Tastefully Yours check them out at: www.tastefullyours.com