Gil's Elegant Catering

We love it when Gil's Elegant Catering is here, we know the food is going to be amazing, the staff gracious and well prepared, plus the bride and groom will be well taken care of. Gil's goes above and beyond to make your event special. With all the questions we get about who should I call for catering we wanted all of our brides to meet Jackie Hickey, Director of Sales and Marketing for Gil's Elegant Catering. She is the go-to gal for any type of event big or small, and she knows her stuff when it comes to pulling off a successful wedding reception here at Hickory Street Annex.

Why is an accurate head count so important?
An accurate guest count is key to helping make your event run smoothly! Yes, your final counts determines how much fresh food we purchase and prepare to ensure everyone has plenty to eat but your final count also dictates the amount of China, Glassware, silverware and Napkins  needed to service your party!  Since we are an off-site caterer we need to be sure we have the right amounts on everything from food to china to silverware and everything in between because once we leave our Kitchen and warehouse, there’s no going back! Keep in mind we do prepare and pack for a 5% overage for the “just in case” but we ask that you be as honest and accurate with your final counts and in return your guests will have enough clean plates to go back for seconds or even thirds!  

How many service staff do you require?
A well trained and experienced staff is so important for your wedding! At Gils we require (1) Event captain per event, (1) TABC Bartender per 100 guests and (1) Banquet Server per 30 guests. If you are considering Action Stations as your menu (which I think work great at H.S.A.) you will also need (1) chef per station. Your Captain is there to manage the staff and oversee that all details are followed through as written on your BEO. He also becomes a server to you, the bride and groom, and is the key contact person throughout the evening! The Bartenders and Banquet Servers are there to attend to your guests requests as well as keep the room neat and tidy and of course make sure you guests are having fun!

Do you have a signature drink idea that is a good crowd pleaser?
Signature drinks are always fun and great way to show off your personality in a glass! The Champagne Fizz (champagne, vodka, sprite and cranberry juice) is always a bridesmaids favorite and If you have some guys that just aren’t ready to ask for a girly drink, offer them an “off the Cuff”  - a simple Jack n’ coke that is sure to get them on the dance floor! Also keep in mind your wedding colors and season! For the Fall bride a nice spiced cider with a splash of Brandy is sure to warm your guests up and if it’s a hot summer day that you are saying I Do, iced Cold White Peach Sangria would be delicious!!

What makes Gil's so wonderful?
At Gils we truly take the time to learn about you and your fiancé! We encourage you to tell us your favorite foods or where you went on your first date and because with this information we can create a menu that reflects you while staying within your  budget!  No two weddings are the same and for us that means no two menus should be either! From Action Stations, to themed buffets all the way to family recipes we are here to make your wedding a delicious success. Follow your taste buds to Gils, and I promise you will love every bite!!!  

Gils Elegant Catering is also a big supporter of the “Go Texan” - an Initiative where we do our best to buy as many products from local Texas farmers and businesses!

Thank you Jackie, for more information on Gil's Elegant Catering visit them at: