Hickory Street Floral - meet Page!

Page is the newest addition to the Hickory Street Annex Family, she was born and raised a Dallas girl, lives and loves Dallas’ Bishop Arts District. Page is the lead singer in a local blues band, “Sister”. Yes, her Dalmatian is named Sister also, but neither dog nor band are named after each other. She just likes the name! She has been singing around Dallas for the last 8 years. She is a voracious reader with a love for creative writing. Always on the look out for a new story, or finding inspiration in the small things for a new poem. Her creativity has always demanded space in her life. Flowers are strong form of that creativity taking shape and finding space. Her sweet spot has always been to create ambiance. Whether she is hosting a “friendsgiving” at her home, weddings, or a corporate event, she grasps the vision and creates a space where the atmosphere changes when the guests walk into the room.

Page’s floral style is formative, fresh, and constantly evolving. Her love for flowers and all things aesthetically pleasing make for a "killer combo” when designing your event. Contact Page at page@hickorystreetannex.com to set up a consultation.

"Creating a great event means you have to include all of the senses. Flowers are a strong presence in that intricate balance.” -Page

Page (left) and her assistant Meg (right)