Frequently Asked Questions

 (i know, there are a lot)

Is my event date available? Check out our calendar online, we keep it up to date.

Do I need an appointment to see the venue?   Yes!  Please use this handy dandy app for an appointment.  We are frequently out for meetings or hosting another event and wouldn't want you to be inconvenienced if you popped in without an appointment.

How many hours will the facilities be available on the date of my event?  We open the doors at noon for you &/or vendors to begin set up. We lock up at 1am, giving you 13 total hours.  The first 2-3 hours we typically schedule showings but we make sure to respect you, your vendors, and décor.  Your event may not extend past the length of 5 hours and you must allow at least 1 hour for break down.  If there is alcohol served, last call must occur at least 30 minutes before the end of the event.

I know you said noon but is there anyway for me to get in earlier?  There is a charge of $250 per hour to come in earlier for set up. There are exceptions if you are having an event in the early afternoon. We can schedule an earlier time to open but that will mean that you will not have as long in the evening.

I realize the events can't last longer than 5 hours, can I pay a fee to have my event last longer?  Sorry, no event may extend past 5 hours and guests must leave at or before midnight.  If you want to keep the party going, we can recommend locations for an after party.

Would you allow setup the night before or would everything have to be done the same day?  Since we give such a generous window of time, we do not allow setup the day prior to your event.

What furniture do you provide?   We include tables, chairs, bars, and cocktail tables. We set up the furniture for you according to your diagram.  To see a list of furniture and dimensions please click here.

Can you guarantee me a rehearsal time the day before my wedding?  Since we host events any day of the week we can’t guarantee rehearsal time.  We try our best to accommodate the time you desire.  If the facility is available, we allow a one hour rehearsal included with your rental.  If you need additional time, the fee is $75 per hour.  The rehearsal should be kept simple, please include ONLY those that have a role in the wedding.   No food or drink is allowed at the rehearsal.  We do not have the space cleaned after the rehearsals, therefore if you leave a mess we will charge you an additional cleaning fee.

What is your capacity?  If you are having your event here at Hickory Street we limit the guest count to 200.  Of course we welcome smaller groups as well.  For non-wedding functions that are cocktail parties, we allow up to 250 guests.

Can both a ceremony and reception be held at your venue? Yes, we will set up the furniture for cermony & reception and the caterers will take care of the transition of the furniture between the ceremony and reception (typically the ceremony space becomes the dance area).  We do not charge an additional fee if you also hold your ceremony at the Annex.  You can check out some of our diagrams here.

Is there an outdoor ceremony space available?  In the past we have included an outdoor ceremony space but we NO LONGER offer that space for ceremonies. We do include a covered patio for cocktails.  All of the grounds will be available for photography on the date of your event.  We have several unique areas for photographing your wedding party!

Is there a bridal room?   There is a new 2000 sf bridal suite/cocktail studio on the first floor.  We have a groom’s room on the second floor.

Are outside caterers allowed?  You must choose one of our approved caterers. No exceptions.  We have an on-site prep kitchen for their use.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?  Yes!  However, you must hire the caterer’s bar staff to serve the alcohol.  The bartenders MUST be hired through your selected caterer.  Kegs are prohibited.  Cash bars are prohibited.  All alcohol becomes the property of the caterer until the end of the event.  At that time it is to be removed by the Client but may not be consumed after the event on the premises.

Do you provide dishes?   No, your caterer will rent these items for you.

Can I use disposable dishes, flatware and cups?   We are a green venue and do not allow disposable plastic or paper for dishes.  We do allow products made by ecoproducts.com.  Check with your caterer and see if they can order these items for you.  They must dispose of these items in a biodegradable bag.

Do you include linens for the tables?   We will rent the linens for you and invoice you on your final statement.  You will have the opportunity to select the fabric and color during your planning session, prices start at $22 for basic linens.  We do NOT handle the rental of napkins, your caterer will coordinate this rental since the silverware is sometimes rolled in the napkins prior to delivery.

Is there any decor that you don't allow?  The following items are prohibited:  confetti, rice, birdseed, decals, stickers, silly string, glue, tape, nails, screws, or staples and any other similar materials that could cause harm to animals, people, or vehicles.  The usage of candles is allowed but must be in votives or fireproof containers taller than the wick.  We do not allow rugs, floor treatments or aisle runners.  No decor is allowed on the handrails or the treads of the stairs.

What about parking?  Parking is FREE; however, we do require that you hire two of our security officers to monitor the lot for your guests safety. We will hire the officers and invoice you $50 per hour per officer.  We estimate 7 hours for security since they arrive before your guests, stay throughout the event, and are present for load out.

Do you require valet?  Valet is optional, let us know if you desire valet services and we will handle the coordination.  You are not allowed to hire your own valet service.  For events with a start time prior to 7pm on a weekday we will require valet.

What are your options for seating at dinner (tables, chairs, etc)?  We have all kinds of tables and chairs for many different seating configurations. See just a few of the floor plan examples on the website here.  We will schedule a planning session about a month before your event and draw a diagram showing your desired furniture arrangement.

Do you have a stage for a band and/or DJ?  No but we can connect you with a company to handle that.

Do you have power connections for a 5 to 10 piece band?  Yes no problem.

What sound system options do you have at the venue?  We have a very basic sound system for our day-to-day use, however you cannot plug into our system.  Your DJ should bring his/her own sound system including microphone.

Is there a dance floor?  No need for a dance floor, you can use our existing concrete floor.  We even include a disco ball if you like.

Lighting?  We require that you use our in-house lighting company. We will be happy to email you a list of options and pricing.

How much is it going to be per person for food? That really depends on which caterer you choose, we have 5 wonderful caterers to choose from on our list and there is something for every taste and budget.

What are the rules on Photo Shoots?  We allow Hickory Street Annex Brides ONE free photo shoot. Whether it is engagement shoot, bridal shoot or other. We do require that the time and date be scheduled at least a week in advance. We give you two hours total on that day. Each additional hour is $100.

What departure items do you allow?  We allow bubbles, glow sticks, & rose petals. Sparklers, confetti and glitter are absolutely prohibited both inside and out.

Do you allow candles?    The usage of candles is allowed but must be in votives or fireproof containers taller than the wick to follow City of Dallas Fire Safety Regulations. We have a permit for our candles, but if you bring in your own they must follow the same rules, or we recommend using LED candles.

How do you handle tear down and clean up?  Are we responsible for this or is the facility? Our clean up crew will handle the tables, chairs and floors. You will be responsible for taking all personal belongs with you when you depart including any remaining alcohol, gifts, etc. The caterers will take care of the trash and recyclables.

Can we just come in the next day and pick up some items?  All items must be removed that day.  We are not responsible for any items left after the event.   

Are there accommodations available on-site or nearby for overnight guests?  None on site, but we are very close to downtown, here are some recommended hotels that even offer shuttles.  

Can you put a courtesy hold on my date while I decide?  Unfortunately we cannot hold dates without payment and a contract.  If you have decided that the Annex is the place for your event but would like to mail in payment, let us know and we will place a 48 hour hold on your date.  

What if I want to cancel?   Unfortunately we do not offer refunds.  Since we only require half of the rental fee up front, you are only subject to lose that amount in the event of cancelation.  If the event is canceled within 30 days prior to the date all of your fee will be lost.  If you would like to reschedule, we will apply half of your funds toward a future date.

How can I book my date?  We ask that you come and visit the venue before you make any quick decisions. We want you to make sure that we are the perfect venue for you.  To secure your date, we need a signed contractand a check for half the rental fee.  You can drop it off (please call first to make sure we are here to meet you) or put it in the mail.