Our Team


Our Team


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Michelle Meyer

Michelle has been at the Annex since 1999, first working for an architecture firm and later starting the venue for special events.  She has talents that include designing the layout and decor of the venue spaces, planning floor plans for furniture for each and every event, and coordinating details that make your event stand out from the rest.  In her spare time, she likes to hang out with her husband, son and two fluffy standard poodles.  



Torie came to the Annex November 2017.  She conducts sales and client meetings, also keeps up with all of our social media.  Her sweet personality allows her to connect with clients but is never pushy.  In her spare time she is a part time personal trainer and lifts weights.  Not just your average weights, she is a nationally ranked kettlebell lifting champion.  Her competitions take her across the U.S. and hopes to one day compete at the world competition with Team USA. She enjoys time at home with her two cats but can't turn down the opportunity to play with the office dogs.


Jose has been with the Annex since 1997, he is our superman.  He fixes almost anything, and these buildings are old and need a lot of attention.  When you visit, you might find Jose on the roof replacing luminarias, digging in the garden planting seasonal pretty flowers, or sawcutting new concrete.  His wife, Idalia, makes homemade tamales and sells them to everyone at the Annex for Christmas.


Gary owns the Annex!  He purchased it in 1997, while his family thought he was crazy, he saw something special.  Over two decades, he has taken each space, bit by bit, and trasformed the "pile of bricks" (what his family called it) into a real hidden gem just outside of downtown Dallas.  We have people that stop in just to see what this place is, they tell us they saw the luminarias atop the ceramic tiled parapets and had to know what we do here!  Wilson is Gary's beloved standard poodle and frequently hangs out on the front porch greeting people.